Hello everyone, my name is Dyanne Shaneviel Pale but you can call me Shane. Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in food especially cooking. I like watching Masterchef when I was younger and by then I have learned a lot of things about working in the kitchen. That’s why back when I was in still in the Philippines, I studied Hospitality and Restaurant Management in college but only for one semester. Although I have never work in the food industry before, I hope to take all of what I have learned from the cooking shows that I have watched and apply it when I go study for Culinary Management. My philosophy of cooking is that the only way to make something right is to learn from your mistakes and try again. Be patient. Nothing worth-having comes easy. The first time isn’t always a success but if you practice enough, you can be extraordinary.


What I hope to gain from my blogging experience is mostly to improve my literacy skills. It is also an avenue for me to express my thoughts and opinions about a certain topic through writing online. A blog can be use as an online profile and because of that, people will know a little bit about who I am and what my interests are. I can make documentations about my progress on my Culinary study just like the dishes that I’ve made and other things that I have learned in school.